My Whole Team Carries on a Business Trip to My Life Partner

Employees on one team attend a regional and one national conference every year for professional development and training. All expenses are paid. Is it normal that spouses usually accompany them in these trips?

My Whole Team Carries on a Business Trip to My Life Partner
My Whole Team Carries on a Business Trip to My Life Partner

The exercise that I can collect, was started years ago, when an employee was allowed to extend his travel so that his husband could join them for some tours. All additional costs were paid by the employee and PTO was taken.

Many other members of the team felt that it seems fun and they stared doing this. At some point before coming to my board, it was changed by the husband and wife coming before or after the coming couple of conferences during the conference. This is very much happening, so this criterion is now taking place with the team / traveling alone rather than traveling alone.

It seems strange to me I see two potential issues: (1) Employee opportunities and networking may disappear, which are in the evening and other downtime, and (2) many times the company is charging extra costs as the staff adjusts the travel Are trying their life partner For example, take a different and more expensive flight for a national conference, or drive yourself (and then deposit mileage reimbursement) instead of sharing the rental car with 3 or 4 colleagues at a regional conference.

When I asked the staff about this, they assured me that their spouse was not distracted or removed from the conference. And that he really appreciates that the previous manager gave them for years. Conferences are usually fun, tourism in cities and I understand the appeal.

So my question is, is it normal? And if this is not normal, is it so bad that I stop letting it happen?

For someone’s spouse to join them in business travel is not unheard of, so that they can enjoy the city together in the off-person (or husband’s wife can enjoy themselves during the day, or so They can extend the journey after the holiday).

However, what is unusual in your situation is that it seems that it has become a culture for many people in your office – at this point that it seems like a perk now.

The big question for you is that what is the real impact. Are People Busy at Conferences? Is there enough networking in the evening that is not happening now because people go with their spouse? Is a part of sending all these conferences to the team outside the conference sessions?

If you are answering those questions, then it is not unreasonable to ask that these trips are going to move forward for a spouse … but that people are still welcoming the trip at their own expense and if they want husbands -The wife can join them.

If this is a one-week event, then you can also say that there is a welcome to join the 3rd person on the occasion of a spouse, or something else which is reserved for the first time-only for the first time. Or you can set a dinner for only a few employees, and make sure people will know beforehand that they are expecting them to be with them.

On the other hand, however, if networking and team bonding is not a major part of your goals in sending these conventions to the people, and if most people return to their rooms alone after the day’s session then this could meani it’s left alone.

But if nothing else, then you need to deal with the piece about the cost; It is not good for the people to give more cost to the company because they are bringing the spouse together.

It is advisable to make a rule for you that you will not cover additional costs made by people trying to accommodate a spouse.

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