My Boss Speak to Me from My Office Across the Street, and more

My employer “speaks with a hand” in meetings

My boss has a terrible habit of “stop” or “hand to talk” when he is speaking, go to the people in the meetings and he wants to intervene.

My Boss Speak to Me from My Office Across the Street, and more
My Boss Speak to Me from My Office Across the Street, and more

He has done this to me, I have seen him do this with other coworkers and our volunteers. He literally puts his hand up, comes out, and if he suffices for someone, then I see that he really holds his hand on his face.

It really comes in the form of rude, but it is completely unaware of it.

The general reaction, by itself and others, is usually that the person speaking is caught so far from his actions that they stop talking – and then he starts.

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do when he does it, or are we getting to someone else? I am able to chalk it for social unnaturalness / ignorance and not commit crime, but I worry about the perception that others do not know with me.

When he is talking “talking with a hand”, but it is not right on your face … well, you have a rude boss and he looks bad on himself, but even if he wants it, even then If it wants to stop it, then it has the privilege of restraining it. (The exception will be when you had a very strong relationship with him, where you knew that if he tells you how this is happening, you would be grateful.)

But when he is actually putting his hand in your face (!!), then it is beyond rude – it is bizarre and not okay, and it will not take too much money to call it because it is on the line This is so.

The next time he does this, physically retreats, shocks, and pretends, “Your hand was right on my face!” In other words, create a slight scene that looks like an involuntary reaction to think about you that was about slapping you. It is unlikely that he will continue to do this even after that.

Harvilas Meena

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