My Coworker is rude to Uber Drivers

I said something to my coworker. The next time he started shouting with an uber driver, I said, “will you let him do his job?” And he kindly murmured, “I know, I am a bad seat driver.” and I said. , “I know, but please do not shout on the driver.

My Coworker is rude to Uber Drivers
My Coworker is rude to Uber Drivers

You know that [big city] traffic is always bad.” And he was calm.

We had a work lunch recently, and he ordered a plate of bread for the table – even if the restaurant did not offer bread as an appetizer, and then complained about its price.

I calmly said, “Well, you ordered off-menu.” She said, “It was just bread,” and I said, “Yes, but it’s probably a restaurant policy to charge for additional items.” After that he actually became calm. .

And I got the ORG to get an Uber for business account, so I no longer have to use my personal. Therefore, not right, but getting better.

Harvilas Meena

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