I Need to Get an Overnight Skill for an Interview Job

I applied, and got an interview, a job that really looks interesting (and my skill would be great for development), but I thought it was a little stretch.

I Need to Get an Overnight Skill for an Interview Job
I Need to Get an Overnight Skill for an Interview Job

I was hoping to get an interview, but I do not think I will do it, and now I need to get technical skills in practically overnight to get it done so that if they provide me I can do this work.

Background information: I am an undergraduate student, I am studying English. Job is like copy writing, and I think I can be good at it? But I do not have the experience of knowing whether I am completely out of my depth or if I can actually do this.

I can write well (especially the kind of accessible style which uses the organization), I have decent research skills and I am decent in editing – but they come from all the skills universities and other students are tuition (And sometimes my editing friends’ radical). But I know that is not exactly like the actual work.

I think that I can manage the actual job description, but what if I get a job and find out that I need knowledge or skills which I do not know I do not know? How do I know if I can get a job and how good is it then, or if I am completely out of my depth?

Therefore, for me the subject line of your email was “I have to gain technical skills till Monday, which I do not have.” This is the wrong way!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best way to know if you can do a job and it is good that you do not try to get melee or skill in the night preparing for your interview.

Present your skills in the same way as they are, so that you and the hiring manager can accurately determine whether you match the job well. If you blurt, then you are setting yourself up to end in a job that you will be struggling (and possibly be removed).

However, when I was 21, I interviewed for a job that I had no experience – electronic bulletin board system (a bbs – remember anyone? ) management of.

I do not know how I got an interview, but I did not know anything about BBS and I never used it. I had spoiled the weekend by reading something like “BBS for Dabbmys” and seriously thought that I can make my way through interview.

I’m sure it was clear to them that I did not know what I was talking about, and fortunately I did not get the job – because if I had then it would be a disaster. (I have no idea that there was a misconception in my mind at the age of 21. I am both affected and intimidated.)

It is not to say that what you are doing is at the same level – the job you are interviewing is in line with your real skills. But the point is the same: you are very good about your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate and are not trying to change your skills over a period of a few days.

And of course, part of the point of interview process is to ask questions for you that you need to find out if this is the right role for you. So in your case you can say, “I’m really excited to do this work, but I also know that I do not have a professional experience in this field.

Did you do this without people’s previous formal training? Have seen? “And / or” Do you think that the biggest challenges for me coming without formal training? “And / or” What kind of training and support do you usually do? ” Offer people who are new to this role? ”

In other words, like they are trying to figure out whether they should keep you on the job, you should try to find out if they should keep you on the job too!

All this works better if you do not go with predetermined assumptions because it can prevent you from viewing important data.

Go to each interview prepared for this possibility that you will know that this is not the right thing for you, or that you will love the work, but will hate the manager, or you will love the manager, but work Or culture, or all other types of possibilities (including, of course, that this is a great match for you).

Often people go into interview, without focusing on just one job offer, to find out the time, whether it is an offer without having to Wish or would be good at a place in a job they will be happy or they will be happy.

And who knows – can find out that you really have the skills they care about you and they are happy to teach you the rest, and you are excited about what you learn about it.

Harvilas Meena

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