Why Did Not My Company Hit My Terrible Coworker?

I have a permanent position in a government office and one is temporary which is continuously working sub-equal, and with a terrific approach to boot.

Terrible Coworker
Terrible Coworker

This is done without any documents to increase the number of their performance, lose them, lose a check, undo hard work or hide them in different folders, using their office phone hours and hours for social calls Fill up filing cases.

He is famously unkempt – trying to talk to him, especially to increase any worry about his work (as we essentially raise him after), turning him off his chair just by the speaker and They tend to refuse to accept them.

Managers know about this problem – or at least, I do not see how they can be. In the last eight months, less than five people in the office have not raised various issues independently with their work.

Every time, the manager shakes the head and says they will take care of it, but they just ask him to look at an area which he is neglecting and then leaves it for it.

The cherry on top is that as a temporary, its contract has been terminated – twice. We have also visited the recruitment intake twice. Every time, management extends its contract, and we are struck.

Is there any reason beyond us that they are doing this? It is impossible to ignore his poor work ethic and attitude. And by any means, can we do anything about it, if it does not work to talk with it and raise it with the managers?


Harvilas Meena

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