My Coworker Responds to all the Problems “At Least You Do Not Have Cancer or Food Illness”

My colleague, Amy, has cancer and eating disorders in the past. Whenever someone brings problems or / and complains, then Emmy will tell them things like “at least you do not have cancer or eating sickness” or “eating sickness or cancer is not as bad”.

Food Illness
Food Illness

Someone is not trying to get a competition with Amy, but she changes it every single time. The other department’s colleague was flooded in his cellar. He was talking about it in the lunchroom and Amy shouted at him and shouted about how lucky he was, who is his biggest problem, and at least he is not dealing with eating illness or cancer. He was not even a part of the conversation. He later told me that he listened to his lecture because even though he works in a different department, but nobody is technically superior to him and he does not want to disturb him further. I have been lectured and another driver has been screamed to mention my steep car or the photocopier has been broken. I have brought my concerns to my boss because I screamed and lectured and I do not like it too because I think Amy is harming his department.

My boss always says that he will talk to Emmy, but Amy has never changed his behavior. All the people who work here do not go out to talk to Emmy, and if they are around then they just stop talking and if they can, then leave it. They come with me only for work items and not Amy.

I can not talk to him because we work together and I feel like I am walking with eggs because if I say anything then he feels that he is negative, he will start with a lecture. It has been seven years since he ended his treatment for cancer and for a long time to eat food. If you ask him to stop it, he says that you are having health problems with him, which he can not help.

If he does not listen to anyone, including our boss, then how do I stop Amy with the lecture?

Okay, you can not be able, because Amy looks like beyond this subject. But I bet that to stop it as much as it is currently going on, because it seems that Amy has scared everyone to give too much to everyone.

Whenever a person is doing something rude and out of line, then to what extent will you be able to stop it depends on the extent to which you want to be vocal and the other person has trouble with you There is risk. Sometimes people in your shoes are not ready to do this – they want the annoying behavior to stop, but they do not want to take the risk of harassing the other person. There is a legitimate situation to take this, but often people do not take this decision deliberately; They just relax, say, a distraught thing, and decide for them. So be really clear in your own mind, which you give more importance: Never embarrasses Amy or are able to claim proper boundaries with Amy.

If you and your coworker are ready to stand up and fight with Emmy, then at least you should be able to remove some of this, and possibly all this. These are phrases that you and your colleagues should use:

“Amy, I was not talking to you. Please do not interfere in my conversation. ”

“I do not want to talk about problems or frustrations as they are not eating food or cancer. Please stop those comments. ”

* “I am not comparing my problems to someone else, please stop telling me what can I do and not?”

* “You are rude. Please do not interfere in my conversation.”

“It is not okay to yell for me, and I am now ending this conversation. “(To move away when needed).

“” Hey! We have heard this from you many times before. Now we are talking about something else. ”

If he tells you that you are rude with him, then he is fine. Let him say so You are not rude, and if he is not like you then well. But then, that part is important – you have to be okay with the reaction of your reaction. My argument is that you should be extraordinary, because it is exceptionally rude, but it really depends on you.

You should also talk to your boss. Say this: “You said in the past that you talk to Emmy about how to stop the conversation of others except for cancer and eating disorders, but it continues. At this point, They are denying work issues because they are so unpleasant, and instead they are bringing everything for me, which means that I am doing extra work because people are going around Amy. At the point where there is a need to do something else. “(If you do not have a type of relationship, where you can tell your boss” need to do something else, “then you can change that last sentence, “I’m not sure what else I can do to end it.”)

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