Should I stop my intern from greeting all in the morning?

I manage the internship program in my small office. We have 10 employees and usually have some pairs per semester.

Should I stop my intern from greeting all in the morning?
Should I stop my intern from greeting all in the morning?

When our trainees arrive for their shifts, they have to walk past each person’s office to reach their desks. I have seen that everybody stopped greeting every single person when he comes to the house, and then on leaving, every person is called goodbye.

I certainly understand why they do this – it feels humble and without walking, it can be strange to just walk in and walk out without accepting anyone.

I was in the same position as a trainee in a different company and my supervisor suddenly told me that it was weird to greet people and say goodbye, which was very embarrassing for me as a student who had never before been in the office Did not work!

I want to say something to my intentions, because they learn how to work in an office, but I do not want them to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking to our employees. Is there any way I can tell them that it is embarrassing (at least in our office) without embarrassing them?

Do you have any type of regular group training for your interns? If so, then I will bring it there. If you cover this in the beginning of the internship in the “How to Stay in the Office” section for your initial training. In the beginning it is very easy to explain, when it is not already in the context of “you are not doing this wrong”.

But it only helps you with future interns. For my current people, I will still see if you can combine it with some other “things you can not feel about being in an office” tips, which I think will reduce some strangeness (And I’m sure that more tips will be useful to them).

But if it is not so, then I just say: “I feel like you make a point of being friendly to colleagues here.

One thing that you do not need to do – in fact it should not – when you If you come, feel obliged to congratulate each person individually, and when you leave, you are personally saying goodbye.

I know that when I am not working I used to feel awkward to come or go without accepting people. But this is not expected, and it can actually be a blockage for those who are concentrating. “You can add,” That’s it There is something that is not clear when you start working for the first time, and we are all there. “

Harvilas Meena

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