Men Compliment My Handshake

I hope you can put some light on the phenomenon described below. It does not bother me in any way, it is just such a recurrent and fast place that I am curious if it is sharing a good experience with professional women, young professionals, or all people.

Men Compliment My Handshake
Men Compliment My Handshake

I have been feeling lightly with this for the last few years, and I want to know whether it is fair or not. For the peace of my mind, I just want to know if I have to sneak up with it or if I can remove that invisible chip from my shoulder.

In my life, this is a very continuous event that men, shaking my hands after the introduction, will immediately praise me on my hands.

For the first few years, I thought I got this again because I started working in the office / diagnostic environment in my late teens and it was a matter of pleasant surprise of old professionals and / or in a young employee Wanted to reinforce good behavior. I thought nothing more than compliment, “Huh, good.”

Today fast forward I am now 26 years old and working as a travel project executor / manager. Incidentally, I love my job. Anyway, when I first entered the work force, then I am more than a decade old and my current situation is clearly (the relationship with my company to our customers) is the result of a series of promotions.

However, the men’s comment that I have a good handshake, when we have introduced, then there is little bit less. Apart from this, it is always men who give me positive feedback on my handshake; A woman never commented on my grip On the contrary, I was just going to get a new contract and greet, and possibly in my two days around, with four or five men, I got a “good handshake” comment.

This is not a big deal, and it is not something that I never bring to work because it is completely a non-issue. But it is weird, is not it? And as I have done in years and the ladder is growing up to a certain degree, when I do this, I am feeling a little defensive.

It has never happened to me that I would comment on the people at work (though I think … things … about something, of course). I’m thinking like how a male customer will react, if I get it, I shake my hand and say, “Handshake.”

It’s just weird. A non-issue, yes, totally, but I want to know from an experienced businessman: Do I get this constant comment because I am a woman or because I’m still relatively young?

Or, alternatively, do men often respond to anyone in a way that is an excellent hand shake, women / men / young / old / whatever and I can brush that chip with my shoulders Am I.

This is because you are a woman, and this is especially because you are a young woman. People often give protection to women of all ages, but young women get a particularly big share in this.

To congratulate a woman on her hand, “It’s good for you, doing a masculine job and in such a way that I do not expect you.” This is a major patron – a compliment which is mainly given to children and older women.

It is not to say that men who praise are intended as their message – but it seems to be from where it is coming, whether they have been examined or not. And perhaps this is the reason that it bothers you.

I deposited a crowd on Twitter to see if I was wrong about this and if men are actually receiving lots of praise from other men on their handshake.

The response from men is mainly “never” or “rarely happens, and when this happens then it is a little weird” or “when I was 11 years old and used to join hands with my uncle.” The women’s reaction was mainly “It does have a lot to me.” “

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