I may or may not get laid off in a month — what should I be doing now?

I recently found out that next month my company plans to lay down on a large scale. My company does this every two years, and therefore it is not surprising, and it is right on time.

Laid off in a Mouth
Laid off in a Mouth

I do not know whether my job is safe or not. The last time we went through this, I was in HR, so it was a good idea who was going to be affected. I went into a new, HR-imminent role, so I have been removed from the business and therefore I am not in the loop. My colleague is doing some work with one of those groups which is likely to be targeted, so he has more information (such as dates, etc.).


Rumors are a hot market for this. If you go to sites like The Lauf, you will see people from different parts of the business discussing rumors, but they do not have much information.


My question is: this is actually giving me stress, knowing that something is coming but it does not know who is going to be affected, in which I am also involved. If I am going to lose my job, to consider whether I am doing little or nothing, do not really spend all my waking hours in order to influence the result. Can i


Sometimes when you are in such a waiting period, it is easy to deal with it if you believe that it will be the worst and start planning for it – and if it does not happen then you are pleasantly surprised May be.


So if you were to sit, what would you do with this time? Whatever the things are, do them now. At least, that means starting a job search (you can always curl it that you will not stop – but if you do this, you will be really happy that you have got a start). But this can also mean that collecting work samples, which you can lose, reduce your expenditure and otherwise can get your finances in order, reach those people in your network, Which you have not talked in a while, and if anything you lose your work then life becomes easier for you.

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