My Mom Keeps Sending Me Job Postings, Even if I’m Working Happily

First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to answer my question, and thanks to AAM community for weight.

Job Postings
Job Postings

Many comments were helpful and practical, and I am very much appreciative. I should have clarified this in my original letter, but I meant that my question is to be prepared as a kind of work-life balance query, as well as to lift my helicopter mother for her professional life and family and with the way to keep work separate.

If I was contributing to my family’s home, and if my mother was sending me a job list (i.e., to get me out of the house faster), then some comments got stuck in thinking.

I think I was pulling my weight – I paid my family’s phone bill with a stipend from the work and I did the usual work like dishes the lawn, wiping the garbage, taking care of family pets, Etc. – but my family is not dynamic, where my parents were expecting me.

It was not a requirement for me that if I lived at home then I would have to do XYZ around the house. My parents both made it clear that there is always a place in my house, no matter what, and they were really happy to find me.

My mom is just helicopter mom She really wants to be involved in every aspect of my life and wants that till I feel that I am not working completely, she wants to work on it, so she actually told me from home Was not trying to get out

Anyway, this is the good news of all this … I have gone out! I was absolutely nutritious living at home, whether I was there or not, and as many comments were suggested, I really needed to make a place between myself and my mother.

How accurate they were Some other comments suggested that in other aspects of my life to broadcast its helicopter-ness, which I did right.

I had a basic plan to stay at home for college after 6 months to get a good pillow in my bank account so that I did not feel like I was paying salaries, and since I knew that the apartment was hunting Maybe after some time, I immediately contacted my friend from college, with whom I was about to live.

We started watching the apartment, and wow, this was the right area for channelizing my mother’s helicopter energy. He actually joined it. He stopped sending me job postings and started sending me an apartment listing, which was really useful.

Once my roommate and I chose a place, then I included the energy of my mother in the furniture shopping. Then his energy went into packing and then helped in the actual process of walking.

Now, I officially came to my new place. My older sister has recently engaged, so my mother has moved into marriage and now she is not sending any links to anything.

I’m sure that one day he will come back to me about something, but now I know that to keep him out of his work, I just need to remove his attention somewhere else.

I know that you did not find my specific type of question (i.e. not specifically related to work), but I’m very glad that you responded. I am very happy now and I am able to focus on my professional career without constant fear of receiving continuous job posting emails. Thanks !!

Harvilas Meena

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