My Employee is Job Hunting — But I didn’t Hear it from Her

I ran a former office trainee, Cindy in an association program for my area. Cindy cautiously mentioned that she is in a job hunting group with Jane, a woman managed by me.

Job Hunting-3
Job Hunting-3

Apparently this is a very active group – they meet weekly, set goals for the number of jobs researched and applied, etc.

My direct report is not perfect for his role, though he does some very well of it. This would definitely damage if he left.

I would be happy to give him a good reference, and it would be better for us to know that we will soon know that he is about to go.

We are not going to push it out quickly as it is ready to go. But what if he took a long time to find a job?


Complaining about things, I first saw Cindy on a job-hunting incident, where I was participating.

So I can not help but wonder if Cindy used to eat beans in both directions, and Jane knows that I am also hunting. Should I say something about Jane looking for her job?

What if he would raise my own? And, should I tell my own supervisor that Jane is preparing to leave?


No, do not say anything for that! If he wants to know you, he will tell you – and he is not, so you can get the right conclusion.

Harvilas Meena

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