Candidates Get Snippy When I Won’t take their calls before they apply

I am fully responsible for the acquisition of all the talent of my organization, including the creation of processes and systems from the ground.

Talking on Phone-Candidates Get Snippy When I Won’t take their calls before they apply
Talking on Phone-Candidates Get Snippy When I Won’t take their calls before they apply

We have open several posts right now and I am bombarded by applicants who want “just 30 minutes” to talk more about the situation and their qualifications.

On average, I get about 20-25 of these requests in one day. Since we are a small non-profit organization (about 85 people), I feel compelled to answer because our organization values ​​every staff member and I want that the candidates have a positive experience, even if Whether they get a job or not?

However, for your interest in joining our team, a simple “Thank you, please apply online, link here” negative result in response to online and snippy email.

I also had an email to complain to our CEO that I can not leave them to call for 15 minutes from my day and the second from our marketing director to our IT Help Desk so everyone can send emails so that My professionalism should not be reduced.

How can I create a good employer brand but do not get 10 hours of informative phone calls and emails in one day? What is the best way to respond?

Yes, it’s annoying. Most of the time, these are people who want a chance to pitch for yourself on the phone, thinking that it will give them one leg, and actually are not in search of answers to specific questions given before applying.

It is appropriate to direct them back to your application process, and it is strange that people are very concerned about it – but it may be that you just need to modify your words a little bit.

When people ask to talk before applying, I usually say something like this: “Thank you very much for your interest! As a first step, I encourage you to use the application process described in the posting (link here).

Because we get such a large amount of money for our callings and many calls for these calls, we have found that the best way to know people is to proceed in the process we created.

But if I’m asking about you, please tell me. “(I add that last part because sometimes it realizes that there is really only one question that you want to answer before answering, and then by then they will put it in an email, and it’s both of us Sometimes I even add something like this, “In part, this answer is necessary to try my calendar ruthlessly.”

People respond well to this – I think because it gives some context to understand why I am not saying, and also reminds them that there is a group of other people who also are asking.

One thing that matters here is: Make sure that your application process is streamlined and not timeless, so just start again and like a cover letter. If you are requesting longer time investment, then it is difficult to refuse to answer any questions first.

Apart from this, you do not have to deal equally with all the candidates. If a person appears to be a very strong candidate, he may be able to schedule a short call with them to tell more about the job (like 15 minutes, not 30).

And be interested in them. This is part of recruitment. But you do not have to do this with everyone.

Harvilas Meena

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