I Paid for Fake References, is it rude to separate someone else, and more


  1. I paid for duplicate references

I did some stupidity and paid for two fake references after a job interview. Okay, as you might guess, this is flying a bit on my face. Both of them did not respond to the manager who hired fashion at a time and the manager who hired was actually called the place of employment which I listed for one (!!!). I had to make a scuffle and came up with an excuse that the staff there did not know why.

Fake References
Fake References

I provided two more real references in my current job, which I had asked in the first place. How can I apologize well for my unreliable references and I can say to the manager who originally hired me to forget them?


I do not know if you can do it if I was a hiring manager, I’m digging deeper now, and this is especially true if you have asked me to forget about the references that you already have Have given me.


You have done something wrong here – you paid someone a lie for you, and then you lied to try to cover it. Your honesty is lost in relation to this job. The only way to get rid of it is to get out of the process and start lying somewhere else, this time without lying.

I know that you are looking for a way to do this work, but paying for fake contexts is a serious matter that you can do to accept that you have made a bad choice, which means That you can not move this work forward.


  1. Does anyone blush shame?


Is it generally considered to be “shhhhh” to be rude or humiliating? The context is that there is a small break room close to the patient care areas. Anytime lunch or other vigorous conversations can be heard outside the door, the manager of that department comes in and shhhh for everyone – as is literally in “shhhh-shing”.


One of my colleagues is triggered and the low-key is closed every time. I personally do not see great things, because sometimes we do not get up loud during our work. But because it is always the same manager / man who works for my husband, I think he is personally targeted and humiliated, even if there is no one else in the kitchen at that time.


“Can you please keep it here?” It is not rude. When you can use real words, in fact you are very malleable and unnecessary. But since it seems that this happens a lot, he may just be disappointed that he has to ask you to keep quiet again and again.


Your colleague who is angry about this is unfair. The manager is on solid ground to stop you from disrupting the work of your department, and the fact that it is not good to ask him again and again. You can try to point out to your colleagues that if you continue the problem of noise, you completely lose access to the break room, and it is not doing any of your side with your attitude.

  1. Telling the person born on Leap Day that he can not celebrate his birthday


One of the allowances provided by my workplace is a payment day on your birthday (or the next day if it falls on a weekend or vacation) is provided by the firm and not taken from your own holiday days, And a gift card which works many restaurants in our city Once a month, a cake is also provided to everyone for lunch, which is the birthday of that month.


My team has an employee who was born on 29 February in a leap year. Since she has a birthday every four years, she does not get a one-day holiday or gift card and is not one of those people who does not accept cake. He has complained about this and he is trying to push back so that he is involved in it.


This firm does not tell anyone’s birthday publicly or privately. People take out the day and that is it, nothing is said. Gift cards are silently attached to their pay stub. Cake without anybody in the lunchroom, anyone is kept without fanfare. There is no email or card that is not on the move and on the job. If I could see her talk there, but since everything is done quietly / privately, she is not losing anything with anything. My manager feels that their complaints are petty and they need to be more professional. I agree with him.


He has worked here only for two years and he has been kept out of the university directly. I want to tell him that he should focus on work issues and should not be as small as a birthday. If he had a complaint about some work problem then it would be different. How do I feel or bother my discussion with him? His work is good and I am convinced that the complaint has just arisen from inexperience and I do not want to punish him for this.


What?! He does not have only one birthday after every four years – he is like everybody every year.

Harvilas Meena

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