5 Reasons We the Buy Wrong Stuff

I spend a lot of time talking to people about human resources techniques and the best ways to use it. Making a technology choice involves endless forks in the road – and sometimes the choice is not really the most cost effective, or most effective. You can be airy with a very fancy set of bells and whistles, but why, oh why can not you just do the same thing?

5 Reasons We the Buy Wrong Stuff
5 Reasons We the Buy Wrong Stuff

Answer: Dark spots. Bright than the power of cloud-based offerings by Big Data, the technology that can do it, we do not always see clearly. We pursue shiny objects and buzzy, trendy conditions. But we should also make good choices. There are so many options, but what exactly do we want?

When you are making human resource decisions, look for these five dark spots.


Do not go for scope rope

Just because a technical solution can do something does not mean that you need it. Know your needs before making a purchase. Are you going to recruit? Payroll? performance management? The engagement? Recognition? Do you need help getting better variety and inclusion?


If you already have some systems that you like, and people are comfortable using them, find out if you can integrate existing technology with existing techniques to avoid unnecessaryness. Or if you are looking for a central provider to travel the whole staff, do they cover all the stations on the way?

Once you have a clear understanding of boundaries, do not cross them. Human resources technology is more adaptable than ever. There is no reason to cross the scope of your initiative or to take extra cost. In this case, you can get what you want.


Do not get distracted by Shine and Buzz

I’ll call this Tyrannobyte syndrome. Without knowing anything, we listen to it and think that we need it. Someone joked recently tyrannobytes word in a gathering, and perked half-people within the distance of listening. Of course, there is no such thing as tyrannobytes. But the concept of a monster-shaped unit of data was very unique.


Instead, focus inside. Do you really need sufficient data collection for Seed Volt rival? Is blockblock software an important component of the solution? If you are not sure, before signing any dotted line, consult an external, trustworthy specialist.


Do not marry for honeymoon

Customer service is not just a concept. In HR technology, reliable service has to be expanded well before the girlfriend phase. After the initial adoption and until both of you are present, do you have access to responsible support? Do you get the benefit of any updates, fixes or improvements made by the technical company?


It is important to be able to get constant support and support. You should also be able to measure the effectiveness of your HR technique in meeting your objectives. Your tech provider should establish some serious corridors for himself – and then share them with you. If they are really for the long haul, they will be transparent about their performance.


Make sure they love you

If you are a small and lean organization or a scrappy startup, will your HR Tech partner still pay attention to you after signing in as a customer? You do not have a bigger account with scaling expenses. You can not even recruit for the duration of your contract, because you focus on the management of people like other parts of the business. If you stay the same then what’s in it for them?

If one of the basic values ​​of the provider is appealing to its customers, then you are lucky. Check your testimonials: In case of study, do small companies tell about them? Talking about whom, do they have evidence that show their commitment to customers? Data is much more reliable than a polished brand story. Your CFO will not care about warm and vague testimonials. They want clear analysis. Note: If you are reading this, and you are a CFO, then I salute you.


Easy to use

We are seeing some amazing offerings because experienced HR tech companies come out of their 2.0 and new technology enters the field. AI is in the mix and is proven to be very capable of some tasks. But it does not matter how refined the technology is or how well the user portal is capable, will your team be able to work with the technology?


Your HR provider is responsible for ensuring that your plane stays in the air. But can the few technical-wise members of your human resources department run it and definitely live? If there is a problem, then can the provider troubleshoot and help solve it in real time – “We will be back on Monday” unlike the time? Software mess or human error or both, things happen. This Murphy is the law of technology for citizens. Someone will decide that “get rid of your hands” and a Sunday afternoon some reports for yourself

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