Are You Living an Accidental Life?

As the nature of living a seven and nine year old living under the roof, I get the privilege of arbitrating many disputes.

“he hit me!” The young cry Or, “he knocked me down!” Others say so.

Are You Living an Accidental Life?
Are You Living an Accidental Life?

When this is a physical dispute, then my next question is, “Did he do it on purpose?” When the answer is “no”, then this is a quick resolution. It is easy to forgive an accident and move the past. When the answer is “yes”, then it is completely another matter. When the action was deliberate, it takes very important importance and requires more attention.

From a young age, we are taught that there are more results than doing things “on purpose.” And at least in this context, accidents are easily forgiven and forgot. And yet, as a grown up, we often leave very important parts of our lives to be from accident.


For example, what are your basic values ​​as a person? What do you value more than anything else? Or, what does your true job look like? What kind of work will you do? Who will you work with? How would your work day look like?


Or how about this: What effect do you want on other people? How do you feel when you are around you? How do you want to remember them when they are not with you?

If I asked you to answer the answers now, would you?


In my experience, if you are like most people, then you will fight to answer with more than one of these questions. And, if I have compelled you to write your answers, then you will be ready to write it.


Think for a moment. Values. ideal job. Relationships All things importantly important for the life of satisfaction, satisfaction and happiness – were left unclear for the accident.


How much do you spend in your value or make big decisions in your life, how can you know that you are not the most valuable? If you do not even know how it looks, then what do you have to do for your dream job? Without a thought about how you look for others, why would you expect relationships to be positive and positive in your life?


This happens when we decide to live our life “on purpose” that we start deliberately curriculum concerning those things which we most wish and believe to be the most important. By working to declare your intentions and desires, you can dramatically improve the likelihood of getting those things.


After all, this is about the journey of authenticity. It is bringing an intention and purpose in all areas of our lives so that we can give more for two days.


Life is a gift that has been given to shape and create our own. seize the opportunity.

Harvilas Meena

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