Internships for Adults: Return to Work

If you are out of the workforce from time to time, whether it was to raise the children, or because you were sick, or just because this job market has been tough, then there are some interesting options to get your feet back door and a new Finding work. Interns for adults are a way to get back to work.

Return to Work
Return to Work

The Today Show recently aired a segment on internships for adults – opportunities for adults with experience, but a difference in their resume, to take steps back to workers through short-term assignments, which they can get up fast Help in adding experience to your resume. .

Some great tips from this segment include:

  • Find internships online to apply for opportunities and opportunities there.
  • If you are in a job interview and the interviewer is worried about your work, then suggest a temporary internship with the company to showcase your skills. The company may decide to offer internships for adults.
  • Write the companies you want to work (even if they do not list internships or open jobs) and suggest that they create an internship position
  • Find family friendly companies because they are more likely to be flexible and interested in creating internships for adults.
  • Look at the internship as an effort and be willing to take a shortage of short-term assignments as a way to return to work.
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