10 Ways to Uncover a Hidden Job

Although most job seekers start their search online, but most people are unaware that a large chunk of jobs available in the United States and overseas is not actually revealed online. About 85% available jobs are being filled up before advertising, it is beneficial for job seekers to know about these essential, hidden job opportunities.

Uncover a Hidden Job
Uncover a Hidden Job

Media shows that unemployment rates for white collar workers are increasing by 9%, and in all reality, despite the average economy, the unemployment rate is close to 6%, lending the fact that jobs available in this tight market Are there. I know that this is true because many of my executive level customers have been offered a job last year.

For those who consider career change, here are a few tips to navigate in this hidden job market:

Identify Your Targeted Companies

1.) Company Research: First and foremost, take some time to understand and determine the types of companies interested in working to track your efforts in spreadsheets. (See Flexjobs Guide to Best Companies for Flexible Jobs)

2.) Expand your range: Explore local and national potential companies, explore the possibility of seeing outside your geographic area. Many companies now have regional offices, and are available to work at home.

3.) Increase your net: Consider including small and medium sized firms. According to Small Business Administration, in the last 15 years, small businesses have created about 64% pure new jobs.

Determine your point of contact

4.) Familiarize yourself with potential jobs: Browse the vacant positions on the company’s website, keep in mind that companies can not update their employment pages often, so jobs can still be available, even if they are posted Whether or not it has been.

5.) Identify recruitment manager: After determining where you want to work, you have to find out who you will work for. There are all the best places to start scanning the web for “About” section of related industry articles, LinkedIn and Company websites.

6.) Contact Human Resources: If you are unable to identify the recruitment manager, then your best bet is to contact the HR department. Although not ideal, it is a better option than sending a resume and cover letter, which is not addressed to a particular member of the team.

Send a Meditation Grabbing Resume

  1. Search for an email address: First of all ensure that your documents are free of errors and provide a comprehensive and enjoyable summary of your accomplishments. Many companies follow employee email for one of the following formats: FirstInitialLastName jsmith@companyxyz.com, FirstName. Lastname john.smith@companyxyz.com or first name_latnam john_smith@companyxyz.com. You can go to several email test sites to verify the address. Rollosoft is a good one.
  2. Using Fax: Faxing is a friendly alternative to email, as well as a follow up for an email, just make sure to reflect on your cover letter that you started via email. To find a particular fax number, just call the receptionist, tell your cause of the call, and it should be able to provide you with the necessary information.
  3. Snail Mail: Another way to attract attention to your resume is to use the US mail service. Some candidates choose their letters overnight to attract attention from those firms they are most interested in.

A final piece of active advice is for network, network, network. The more effort you make in search of these hidden jobs, the more people are often unaware, the chance to offer interviews and job offers you to take your career to another level.

Harvilas Meena

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