Free Webinars: Expert Tips for Your Flexible Job Search

Need some help with your search for flexible job? Get expert advice from Flex Jobs team to help you search for telecommunications, flexible schedules, part-time and freelance jobs!

Flexible Job Search
Flexible Job Search

This webinar has ended. Check out the latest Flexsbus webinar here!

Even though the recruitment slows down during the holidays, it is still the right time to get some great career advice to modify your job search for the new year.

Join us for tips on topics:

  • What is available in the flexible job market?
  • How to Find Flexible Jobs (Telecommunication, Flex Schedule, Part Time, Freedom)
  • Avoid Job Search Scams
  • Resume letter tips for flexible jobs and cover
  • How to continue your job search on vacations
  • Low commitment to creating additional income Flexible jobs

This free webinar is open to the public. We hope you can make it!

Harvilas Meena

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