3 Characteristics Employers Want in Executive Staff

If you are currently a middle level employee, chances are you are thinking how to make a leap to the next level and move on to your career. Naturally, experience is an important factor in whether the candidate is qualified for the working level, but employers have some important features when considering executive candidates.

Characteristics Employers
Characteristics Employers

To help the candidates better understand the search for an employer in the employer, I have recently caught up with some of my venture capitalist (VC) connections who have extensive experience of the executive experience teams. He always identified three important symptoms while considering candidates.

Three characteristics of the executive staff:

  1. They think and speak in the metrics

Today, each executive requires a hardness in dealing with numbers and metrics. Greg Goldfarb, managing director of Summit Partners, believes that you really need people to be your executive team who know how to distribute and sell quantitative results for business. Even the officials involved in human resources should have a good number about them, for this they understand how to manage and improve important recruitment metrics such as employee business, and per-hire cost.

This is especially important for having the ability to speak concrete business conditions. Then a person looking for the post as a marketing executive would be expected to be able to discuss the conversion rate of marketing materials and their contribution in marketing-qualified leads. For example, Phil Dour, managing director of Investor Growth Capital, says that he wants a marketing candidate to be able to say, “I increase the marketing-qualified lead from 2000 to 2000 annually and up to $ 60 per copy $ 35 reduces the cost of the lead. “It helps to prove that the candidate is comfortable in returning his contribution to the business results in the company.

  1. They are well connected

It is also important to be well connected to any executive candidate because it will help the company to work. This means that knowing the people within the company’s industry, as well as influencers in the press and analyst community. As a middle level employee, you should focus on knowing the leaders of your industry’s main ideas and building connections that can help you in your future role, even if it does not seem that they are today There are useful connections.

Candidates with pre-industry connections are extremely valuable for recruiting the right talent to create a great team. Industry connection allows candidates to understand immediately who is great and who is not worth the money. As an added bonus, the candidate will already know about working with this person so that he can immediately contribute to the business. The same applies to the seller relationship.

  1. They have C-suite references

One last point is that it is important for your previous company’s C-suite to give their approval. Specifically, companies want Goldfarb to say, “To hear from marketing CEO and VP, the candidate has a track record of adding top-line increment or business value.” These references are important because these individuals are the best. Justice of the candidates contributes to increasing revenue and overall health of the business.

Though this is not a comprehensive list, it should help individuals to think about jumping from middle to executive. Employers want executive employees and expect to know what kind of profile is hired to build before they work.

Do you think the most relevant of these symptoms of readers, executive employees? Let us know in the comments section below!

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