Finding a Job Without a College Degree

Flexjobs are often asked in a question that if there are flexible jobs for people without advanced college education or degree. And when we accept that most of the jobs posted on FlexSubsubs are prepared with job seekers at least with a bachelor’s degree, flexible jobs are available without a college degree.

Job Without a College Degree
Job Without a College Degree

Earlier this year, we had a profile of 10 Flexible Jobs which did not require a degree. And we were happy to see recent articles from LearnVest about this topic – “A new study of Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce found that 29 million jobs are middle-class wages ($ 35,000- $ 72,000) Pay, but university degree is not required, about 40% of them pay $ 50,000 or more. ”

This is really great news.

What do job seekers need to know if they want to find a job without a college degree?

Here are some details of the study learning analysis:

  • One third of them are blue collar jobs
  • Half-white-collar office jobs
  • There are about 15% of jobs in health care
  • Many of these jobs are in the STEM field: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

What kind of education is required for these jobs?

According to the study, it is still difficult to get a job with a high school diploma. Instead, LearnVest says, “Try to get some form of secondary training, two years degree or certificate.” In particular, Georgetown University, who studied, recommends these educational paths that you can qualify for these types of jobs:

  • Employer-based training
  • Industry-based certificate
  • Trainees
  • postsecondary certificate
  • Associate Degree

What kind of jobs are there for those who do not have a four year degree?

Study site STEm industries as the greatest opportunity, so we took a look at the flexible jobs posted in the categories of science jobs, technology jobs, engineering jobs, and Math jobs, for which there is no need for a job.

Presently 15 flexible job samples are available, which do not require college degree:

** These old job listings are no longer active. Find the latest flexible job listings on FlexSubbs. **

  • Phlebotomist
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Animal Care Technician
  • Web Search Appraiser – US – Latino
  • Technical Adviser
  • Network Operating Technician
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Auto Specialist
  • Zoo Operations Assistant
  • Editorial / Social Media Manager
  • Railroad Safety Inspector – Track
  • Control Room Operator
  • Diver
  • Cash Service Representative I
  • High Value Insurance Assessors

Reader, are you looking for a job without a college degree? What is your ideal entry-level job? Share with us below

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