What Makes a 21st Century Woman Executive?

Today’s guest post comes from Alice Cross. Alice is the founder of NewsNowman.com, more than 6000 women are in their search engines, work for more women in management, more women on board of directors, and more women interested in math and science. NewsonWomen.com has also been named one of the Top 100 Women’s Blogs and it is the largest search engine for recipients of women available on the Internet.

21st Century Woman Executive
21st Century Woman Executive

In the 21st century, a woman executive thinks:

How to change with times

Let’s now start with the CEO and chairman of the IBM Board, Guinea Romati, the traditional stronghold of corporate America. And what did Guinea do there? Guinea changed it! Earlier in his career, when he was senior vice president of IBM Global Business Services, he successfully integrated PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting in IBM, always changing the direction of the culture and Big Blue (do we all know that they call IBM Use?). The acquisition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultation by IBM was the largest in the history of business services!

So, outside the bat, we see that the 21st century executive knew that IBM needs to change over time. Guinea also realized that business is global. He started expanding IBM in emerging economies, establishing IBM’s “Growth Markets” organization. Guinea recognized for the need for change and a global perspective for business and a leader was able to persuade his colleagues that his strategy was right, and the time has proved it. I wonder if someone at Northwestern University has recognized greatness in this electrical engineering and computer science major when in school.

let’s recap. The woman of the 21st Century is aware of the need to change with the working time, takes a global perspective for business, and she is a motivational leader who believes she is ready to implement those strategies, but what else is?

How to become a source of help and guidance to other women

Emmy Schulman is a good example of this. An innovative leader in Healthcare, Emmy Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Pfizer, President of Pfizer Nutrition, Pfizer is the Executive Sponsor of Business Unit Lead and Pfizer’s Global Women Council for consumer healthcare. Amy has been honored repeatedly to pave the way for success for other women. She is passionate about finding creative ways of helping women and increasing opportunities for them.

Amy said, “There are many things that institutionally end up women.” “Subconscious prejudice, sex fatigue, you reach the top and then you do not get a sponsor on the finish line. I want to make sure that this is not the case with the people of my organization.” Emmy as a lawyer , And when his company was buying Whit Pharmaceuticals, the importance of talking about what Amy had done the biggest pharmaceutical acquisition in history Played a complete role.

How to demand flexible work options

Now we can become innovative and a good negotiator in our list. Innovation is everything in the 21st century and makes us next to our next skill – technology leading. In the 21st Century led by Technology Charge, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer, Senior Product Vice President of Google Susan Wockzikky and Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Apart from all the skills mentioned above, what is common among these women? They are all mothers And how do they manage? One way is to determine the timing of the family. Susan Wozky tells her team that she will not reply to the email from 6 am to 9 pm. Sheryl Sandberg always tries to go home for dinner. Marisa Mayer took almost maternity leave after starting high visibility and extremely difficult jobs. All these women are telling the world that women need time for their families, whether its flighttime, or part time or dinner time, families need to come first in some stages of the 21st Century Female Executive’s career. And the technology allows it to be possible.

How to Ask

She should be good at “Ask”. We all have good ideas, but if we do not ask, we do not get it. A good example of “ask” is Christie Ferrer, CEO and founder of Videocom. Christie had some great ideas about the video. He taped fashion show, and made videos of what is happening in his city. And he asked if people want him.

Now she is a very successful business in Videomom, which not only helps you to get what is happening with Citibz, but also helps brands reach new customers in a new and exciting way. All because he asked! Asking is one of the most difficult things for some of us, but practice makes it easy, so take advantage of the events and meetings and practice asking!

Female executive of the 21st century, as we have seen, is full of skill and perseverance – Innovative and technical, sensible, flexible, able to change over time, able to take a global perspective for business, become a motivational leader and strategies Able to apply and, of course, “asking.

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