Do Your Job Search Techniques Show Your Age?

Ayyappa is a common experience and complaint between job seekers of a certain age. At the small or the oldest ends of the job seeker age range, some employers keep your estimated age in mind while considering your job application.

 Job Search Techniques
Job Search Techniques

One of the leading personal finance and lifestyle sites on the Web, LearnVest, is a great breakdown about how people search for jobs based on the generation of people, and we thought that those looking for our jobs could benefit from the information. is.

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Here are some important points, “The way you look for job shows your age?”

A survey of more than 5000 job seekers representing Jane Y, Jane X and Baby Boomers found that they have the following job search techniques:

  • All of the time watching most of their time online
  • Most Parties Online Job Board
  • All three groups spend between 5-20 hours a week
  • All generations use social media in some forms but Twitter is the least popular job search tool for everyone

This is where parallels end.

To see how you are different from other generations of job seekers of the generation, check out the results of your generation:

General Y Job Seekers:

“Jane Yi, who is also known as the millennium, is more optimistic about finding a job, feels workplace flexibility, and is more likely to plan to go to school instead of continuing its search. The 33% millennium said that they found employment in less than a month, compared to 29% of Jane X and 24% of boomers. Besides the requirement of lower pay, they are getting jobs. Yonki they more preparations are – 68% said that they practice interview questions before an interview, while Gen X only 60% and only 52% of boomers said it was. ”

General X Job Seekers:

“General X is most troubled in search of work, 72 percent of this group is strong and frustrated, more than boomers (69%) and General Y (61%), on the wish list of General X for that ideal job. What is it? Fifty percent said job security, while 62% said employee benefits like healthcare and 55% of the space. General X employer has no content to wait forever. Thirty-six percent said that they had 35% Instead of continuing its job search, compared to 31% of boomers and Jane Y, we have considered starting our own business. ”

Baby Boomers Job Seekers:

“It is surprising that Boomers spent most of the time on social networks of all three generations,” says Dan Schwabel, founder of Millennial Branding, “Baby Boomers Job Search Online is the largest and most used social networks, especially LinkedIn Search While doing. “Boomers, however, the hardest time is getting a job. Twenty-five percent are searching for jobs (17% of Jane X and 10% of General Y. In Lanna). Boomers believe that they are being single due to their age – 65% said that they are suffering from age discrimination compared to 22% of General X and 21% of General Y Bumar, though At least it was possible to say that they would consider going back to school after continuing their job search (23%), compared to Jane X’s 35% and Jane Y’s 48%. ”

If the other generation is searching your job separately, or have different approaches or approaches from you, then it may be worthwhile to adapt your job search to include your technique. Especially in the world of online job search, searching for your job search is entirely possible to reduce your age.

Reader, does your job search technique show your age? Share with us below!

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