6 Ways to Help an Unemployed Friend

These days, almost everyone knows that is unemployed or unemployed. You are probably feeling the need to help them in any way but you are not quite sure what to do. Even recently Hallmark came out with a line of cards for the unemployed.

Unemployed Friend
Unemployed Friend

One card rests the reader with a light-hearted humor, saying, “Do not think about losing your work, think of it as a time between stupid bosses.” Although this may be a good start, there are some other things you can do to help your friend. Here are 6 ways to help unemployed friends.

How to help a unemployed friend

1) Stay there. Your friend is going through hard times, and the last thing they want is embarrassed for you because you are not sure what to say or what to do for them. Just be present – meet them for lunch, invite them to say hello, and be a welcome source for positive energy. They do not want your help with your job search, but they want you to be still friends.

2) Help them with technology. If your friend was employed for a while, then maybe he did not make a profile on Linkedin, or did not clean his digital image to prepare for job search. Help them make their online presence as professional as possible. How to find them online jobs and walk them through some digital applications. And if you are not particularly tech-savvy, then now you have a great time to learn these tricks! The best way to learn something is to teach yourself and then teach someone else.

3) Become a Resource. If your unemployed friend needs help in establishing a home office as the basis of job search, then help them with extra furniture, or use them again and for computer equipment like desks, chairs and printers. See second hand stores. Or, find the resources at the local library or in your city or county in the one-stop job center. Your friend has more on his mind, more resources and information that you can find for them, better.

4) Make connections. After keeping yourself employed, you are in a position to help your friend on a large scale – throughout the networking. Think about the background and experience of your friend, and then think of the people you know who may be able to help. Try to establish informative meetings with those people. The networking job is not demanding, but collecting information and making the connection. As a friend recently said, “Ask for a job, ask for advice. Ask for advice, get a job.” Train your friend how to talk to your contacts, ask for advice rather than seeking a job . For more information about networking, see this.

5) Provide them a Flexsbes gift certificate. For unemployed or unemployed friends, Membership of FlexSubsubs can give them access to more than 7,000 screening and verified jobs in more than 50 professional categories, so there is something for everyone. With part-time jobs and flexible schedule jobs, your friend can come back on foot once a foot. And with telecommunications jobs, they will have access to thousands of miles away for companies and opportunities which increase their accessibility and re-employment opportunities. Freelance jobs are a great way to continue generating income while searching for some more permanent ones. And gift certificates are available at three levels (1 month for $ 14.95, 3 months for 29.95 dollars, and 1 year for 19595 dollars). For more information on FlexxBusiness Gift Certificates, click here.

6) Just do it. Have you ever asked for help? It’s incredibly difficult, and most people just will not do this. It includes your unemployed friends, who may feel like seeking help, that is the last thing they want to do, even if they want and need it. Instead of asking your friend what they want you to do, just do it. Take the opportunity and do all the things in this list, or at least start them for the person.

Readers, what are your thoughts to help unemployed friends? Leave a comment!

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