Removed from the Job? 5 Ways to Slash Your Way Back to Work

U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in August 2011, more than 165,500 people in the United States were closed. Many of those job losses were part of large scale trimming; In the manufacturing sector alone, there were some 391 mass layoff incidents. A look at national titles shows that the trim is going on and there is no hope of slowing down soon.

Work-Back to Work
Work-Back to Work

If you are (or suspect that you can become) one of the unfortunate American workers, then it may be a good time to consider diversifying your income sources. In his book, One Person / Multiple Career, Marcie Albobor popularized the word “slacher” for those who “What do you do?” With a word or phrase. Can not answer the question. For the book, he interviewed hundreds of people from lawyer / chef following surgeon / dramatists and mother / CEO pursuing a lot of career, and found that many of the most complete lives of today are filled with slash.

While some people prefer “slashing” to control the life of their work and to keep things interesting, others resort to working in different jobs outside of necessity. Even if you do not have your first choice for a slashing career, it may be a good time to open your mind on the possibilities. Here are five ideas to help you start your search for potential slash careers:

  1. Write thanks notes. On dealing with a layoff, gratitude can not come naturally. But Alboher says that it is a good time to send handwriting thanks to those who have helped you in your career so far. you never know; The basis to touch with your past assistants can shine your thoughts or motivate you to call them with a new opportunity.
  2. Your passion mine Have you always dreamed of being a chef? Stand-up comedy? Proprietary of a bookstore? If you have a nervous nightmare which will not work right now, then it’s a good time to move forward. Even if you do not start full-time business, consider taking a part-time position that will take you closer to your ultimate goal. When a new job is created, you will become a slasher.
  3. Take a course. Money can work, but it takes a lot of time on your hands. Why not tamper with any community college class on photography, cooking, writing, speaking, music or any other subject, in which you are interested? Learn your trainer and brain ideas to earn money with your new skills. You may be able to sell and sell cakes for children’s birthday parties, perform in the neighborhood club or sell your photos on the stock photo photography website.
  4. Leave your work at a good job. If you suspect that you can be stopped, do not leave it in one hand. In New York Times, Albobor writes, “Instead,” keep up the good work, and touch the base with the senior ranks that may be able to give you some insights about what’s happening to you. “Creating a positive relationship with senior officials can keep you in your mind if they ever need a consultant with your skill set.
  5. Complete a requirement. Is there a product or service that you want to buy but is not available? Maybe you want to eat an organic dog that you can afford, or an easy way to change the oil in your car. If so, then it is likely that other people share your wishes for this product or service. So why not understand or provide it, and you’ve got a side business.

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