Know Your Basic Values ​​for Job Satisfaction

Core values ​​are important ideas and codes through which you live your life both at work and in home, and they play a big role in your overall job satisfaction. When there is a conflict between your original values ​​and values ​​that you are being asked to believe, then there may be fear of symptoms to work, feeling sick in your abdomen or even a The feeling is that it does not matter how hard you work, you will never really be on extreme performance.

Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction

My first experience of core-value-based conflict strongly sticks to a life lesson. My oldest year of college was appointed as a Reservator for the local resort. I started each shift with a smile and ended because I helped the families plan their vacations. The resort resides regularly, as well as offers timekeeper opportunities. Helping families to plan a weekend on the beach, my work was aligned with my values ​​to support others and show appreciation for their protection. I performed very well in my role and soon a new situation was offered, with the possibility of a lot of compensation.

The new role was a mix of concierge, and TimesShare presentation vendor. Essentially, I help guests arrange for their dinner reservations, arranging day trips, and even arranging flowers of anniversary. However, I was hoping that they should be sold on the idea of ​​a 90-minute timer presentation, for which I was commissioned. The first part of the job was a natural fit for me, the second made the cause of nausea and stress for months.

One of my basic values ​​is stability. I define stability as a lifestyle that can be given long-term support without excessive use of resources like money, products or relationships. I knew something about Timeshare that for some, this is a wonderful deal. For others, it becomes a financial trap and an annual burden. I saw it often to feel good about selling tourism, and even then I kept it. I was delighted to plan a special anniversary dinner, but struggled with the constant goal of booking more presentations. It was not just consistent with my original values.

The peak performance can only happen when your mind and heart are fully engaged in your work. My brain knew how to market TimesShore productions, but my heart was not in it. Since then, I have experienced this struggle within other organizations which I have been part of. Now I believe that when I am in regular struggle with other leaders, or I am afraid to speak a single opinion, then I am not in a favorable environment for my extreme performance. It’s time for me to identify the environment where I can be the most effective and most helpful.

Core values ​​make a filter to make decisions, a term for collaboration and often a reflection of the creator’s obsession and purpose. Each of these aspects combines core cores to make an important component of high performance.

Understanding the basic values ​​for job satisfaction:

How can you make a list of core values, how can you be affected today?

On the basis of creating a set of basic values ​​for a person, organization or marriage, on which to communicate and connect, my husband and I have a set of basic values ​​for our wedding, which are similar to our company. . When we experience the struggle in our life, we immediately go to our list of values ​​on the fridge and recognize who we are being synced with.

Prevent conflict in your career by filtering out those organizations whose basic values ​​do not match with you. Imagine that you are interviewing four different companies for a new situation, how do you know which company will surprise your fire?

If you value changes and innovation considering the value of the tradition and the company, then you can find yourself in a state of anxiety in a few months. It can be a daunting challenge to remove the wrong alignment of your values ​​with your organization. This is what lies behind the wrong alignment of your desk at 3:00 p.m. every afternoon. Knowing your values ​​upwardly can save you from this anxiety and help to advance your career by filtering the wrong actions, so that you can focus on the right people.

Core values ​​bring together a team. Consider the dispute within that organization which has no defined original value. Suddenly, individual core values ​​are all competing instead of aligning. Many managers will keep their success and monetary benefits first because there is no big vision to work. And often, due to the different values ​​of long-term customer care, compared to long-term financial objectives, sales teams have the butt head.

Start by typing your original price list with just a dozen words or words that really are who you are and who you want to be. After this, filter the list into the five most powerful words and add definitions. Finally, in your career and relationships.

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