Questions and Answers About Telecommunication and Flexible Work

Last week, we asked all our readers to ask us a question, and we got some great feedback! As promised, we are answering all those questions on our blog today. For a list of more than 40 frequently asked questions about flexes and flexible workings, see this article: Questions and Answers: Telecommunication Jobs, Flexjobs, and Flexible Work. 


Questions and Answers about Telecommunication and Flexible Work:

What is the best way to present yourself to someone who is running as a person who wants a part-time short-term job assignment that is not responsive at the time of reviewers (completed within a month)?

In your profile on FlexSubsubs, you have an opportunity to tell the employers who see your profile exactly what you are looking for. here are some tips:

  • In the title of your profile: Write something like a professional asking for ongoing part-time projects.
  • In your job description: Check only “part-time,” “temporary” and “sometimes”.
  • A resume in Build: Summary Objective section is a great place to explain what you are looking for. You can say something like, “Professional writers with 5 years of editing experience are running, part-time, temporary and sometimes demanding assignments. Excellent writing and editing skills, working 15-20 hours per week on flexible projects Ability. “

How do you apply for a working condition for Flexboys?

Visitors and your company are looking for the first time! I saw that you did not have any CPA / finance people listed in your team members. Thank you for your replies about telecommunications.

We are glad you are interested! We rent for a year based on our needs, and of course, we list our jobs in our normal job search database. Last week, we posted open positions for a member of the online job researcher and customer service team. See our open jobs here Once filling the job, it will be removed from the database. So continue investigating our jobs database for potential year-round openings.

What advice do you give to a person with little experience but yet wants telecommunications?

  • If you have less work experience, then there are telecommunication jobs for you! We recently compiled a list of 10 telecommunications and flexible jobs that do not require a degree. Although jobs are not available mostly in this post, but this can help you to know what is there. Then you can search the databases of our jobs for current jobs which are similar to them. The entry level is another good place to see the category of jobs.
  • If you have a little telecommunication experience, then it is important that you show the employer how ready you are to work from home. Set up a home office with general technology like video, computer, telephone, printer, headset and video camera for video conferencing. Be sure to note your FlexJobs account set up in your job search profile on your home office.
  • Also, understand the essential skills of people working from home. Skill like communication (written and oral), initiative, self-direction, freedom, focus, organization, and ability to stay alone for hours at a time is very important. Take this quiz to see if you have what to do in telecommunications.

Yesterday, I had to face an unusual situation. I contacted an employer for whom I telecommunications. My question to them – How do the phone numbers to call the interested employers, how they verify their employment with them? Instead of giving me the number of human resources (which is none of their website), I was informed that they would have to go to a specific verification website! I went to the website that I could verify the information myself and search any potential employer who is not already affiliated with this website, to find out if I have worked in this company! I think it can be a deterrent to rent – is not it? And what can I do to avoid this situation? Ask them not to contact them?

I have to accept, this is a situation I have not heard before. Is the website a big, renowned recruitment-related website? If so, most employers are probably familiar with it and it will not stop you from renting. What you can do is that potential employers should know that your current employer only confirms employment through this website, and you apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you can, give another reference to those who can talk about your work in this company so that they have an alternative source.

Do you have a situation that anybody can apply from Canada? Or is this America based only?

the answer is yes! People from Canada, Europe, and even Australia, find jobs through FlexSubsubs. By saying this, most of our jobs are based in America, but we have jobs well in Canada and abroad, and we are always looking for more. Trying out our site and finding job listings

I work a full time job and a flex job in my spare time. What would you advise to transition to full-time flex conditions? Is this also possible?

Yes, this is absolutely possible. We have full-time flexible jobs listed in our database. First of all you can do that your full time employer will be willing to give you a flexible job or not. Here are six tips to convince your boss to allow Flexwork.

The next thing to consider is whether your part-time flexible job has an opportunity to do full-time work. Do they have additional projects or work for you? Is there something like that which means that he has to get it but you did not have the time, which you could take?

And of course, the third option is to find a new full time flexible job, which you can do in our flexible jobs database. When you choose your job category, be sure to choose “only full-time jobs” from the drop-down list at the top of job listings pages.

Any suggestions / suggestions / best practices for reducing issues related to time zone differences between an office and a teleworker?

I have been working from home for three years and I am still stuck in the time zone gap almost every week! First of all, the view of your computer or desk should have a time zone map so that you can see it quickly and often. The second thing is that when you are trying to set up the meetings, what time are you talking about the area? The third tip will try to work from your company’s time zone. Therefore, if you are telecommunication in Dallas and your office is located in New York, try to talk in the Eastern Time Zone at all times so that it can be easier for the largest number of people.

What does telecommunications mean?

A telecommunications job, often called teleworking, is the place where you make your trip for a home-based job. Instead of a traditional journey, you are telecommunications with telephone and computer. Most telecommunications jobs are done from home offices, but they can be part-time or full-time telecommunications jobs, which means that the company wants you to be in the office for meetings or sometimes face time. Read this blog post to differentiate between remote blogs, telecommunications jobs, virtual jobs, and home-based jobs.

I have a lot of experience in a wide range of posts, but there is a problem getting the exact experience of every individual telecommunications job posted on your site. How do I remove that challenge? I have 3 college degrees, including MBA. Will not I have some education options for the experience?

This is a common issue among job seekers, and the fact is that the qualifications are completely for every employer. I recommend that in addition to listing your comprehensive education, you write about some of the work done while earning those degrees on your resume. Especially with MBA, which is an intense degree that requires a good deal of hands-on deal, this can help employers see your education as an experience. Include classroom projects, large research papers, company visits, committee or club membership and work etc.

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