Back to School: Learn Something New Through Constant Learning

As the coming school year comes fast, the ideas of education rise, and as soon as the latest gene wash, Tom shoe colors and latest tech gear consider, I can not help but think about all our unemployed citizens can I. 

Learning-Constant Learning
Learning-Constant Learning

Behind the school season, I wonder if many of us have received degrees and certificates, or even have specialized job training which we believe our role as a student has come closer. Despite the fact that specific training is beneficial, I question whether this long belief is no longer relevant. Instead, I believe that in these fast-evolving, sometimes-evolving economic and global markets, there is another sensible way to take a lifetime, continuous learning habit.

A persistent learner is not required to study traditional topics, but rather a person who integrates learning in all aspects of his life, searches and examines new ideas and methods. The idea behind this is to open and practice new ideas to increase your existing career or help in finding new ones.

A concert learner is one who will go up and forth to use the skills acquired in everyday life to find and find meaning in any given work, often resulting in 15-25% more effort than others to get the result Can do. A Constant Learner feels the vast and illiterate property of information for acquiring this life. A student attracted by this manner of learning explores beyond the traditional curriculum, which is marked with creativity and persistence, the alternative way to find alternative routes reveals that their chosen paths are true.

Below are several ways to integrate this method of continuing learning in your life:

  1. Take part in a book club

By joining the book club a lot can be achieved, but at least you will be open to those books which you will not otherwise show, and you will experience socialization and feel comfortable sharing your opinions with a new group People

  1. Find a new way to exercise

Exit your normal routine by discovering new conditions such as fencing to strengthen your accuracy, balance and control skills; Or yoga to calm and calm the mind; Or even horse riding lessons to control five times its size with a size.

  1. Try a new art medium

First try your hand on metal-smithing to balance the destroying and then make something beautiful with a plain sheet of metal.

  1. Learn a new language

You can not have an ear for utterance, but there is a lot to appreciate about a new language, and maybe your love for grammar and syntax, and to read literature in your native language, to combine you Is enough for

  1. Take a cooking class.

By immersing yourself in cooking you will find that there is more to it than the eyes; Baking chemistry and cooking takes intuition

  1. Refine your office skills

By mastering your PowerPoint or Excel skills, you will become familiar with moving forward from your comfort zone, by which you will be more open to new experiences and remain as a person.

  1. Take a New Class

New classes bring fresh insights. Double in psychology or history classes, and be sure to do something that you have never had the chance to take in college.

When you open your mind to refresh and learn new skills, you will know that there is always something new to learn.

When you invest in your future, you will get a new passion for life. You will stand as a candidate to recruit managers who are in the open mind, take initiative for their happiness, and apply this new knowledge in the professional field.

Have you applied any of these continuous learning concepts in your life? If so, tell us!

Harvilas Meena

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