5 Tips for Making Your Personal Brand Shine

LA Times has recently reported that, “According to a large survey, 92% of American companies say that they are using social networks to search for talent. In addition to investigating their resume, 4 recruits Managers and recruiters examine the social profile of about 3 candidates – 48% always do this, even if they are not provided. ” 

Personal Brand
Personal Brand

When you are looking for a new job, it is necessary that your online ducks are in line and your online ducks are in a row. If you have not taken time to polish your personal brand so far, please review this essential tip to help you overcome your competition.

Here are five tips to polish your personal brand:

  1. Define you

The most important step to developing your personal brand is to determine what your brand represents. Your original value is the heart of your brand. This is the foundation of all your communication strategies. Ask yourself some questions. What motivates you to wake up in the morning and deal with the day? Why are you unique? What are you passionate about?

When you start answering these questions, then your personal brand will take shape. Once you discover your original values, you can easily draft your personal vision statement. Your Vision Statement will act as your personal brand guide and will keep you in check as you continue your search and promote yourself.

  1. Set goals for your job search

Setting your goals will help you filter your search results that will only apply to jobs aligned with your brand. How well does the company and job listing fit your brand’s values? If they do not match, do not apply. Flexsbes has a great feature that allows you to develop more than one profile. You can create very specific profiles to see jobs according to your specific goals. There is also a video tutorial to show you how to set up multiple profiles. This will really help to limit your search and save you valuable time.

  1. Development of a Content Plan

Develop a detailed content plan so that you can attract frequent audiences, share valuable content and influence your image’s perceptions. Think about how often you will post in your social accounts. Which topics are relevant to your job search and the business you want? Use the calendar to map your social content plans and develop strategies. Use tools like Hutsuit to manage posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Your communication strategy will help you focus your goals and stay online with your brand identity.

  1. Promote through social media

Digging deep into some specific platforms, you will understand why you need to plan your content. It takes time to manage your profile, but your hard work will be paid because you will get more easily, and will be proud to share your social link because you can trust what others will get.


  • Add videos to your LinkedIn profile. This Sprout Insights Articles is a good tutorial for this.
  • Use sections on LinkedIn to highlight your accomplishments, especially if you have less work experience for leverage.
  • Remember to include LinkedIn as part of your content plan and schedule post.


  • Ensure your control so that your post, photo and / or activity are not set to public.
  • Use Facebook Lists for easy access to custom settings.
  • Use strategic life events to post your accomplishments on your timeline. Set those posts in public so that the enlistees can see them.


  • Set some twitter time each day to answer, re-tweet and chat.
  • Use list function to set up lists for leads, business, news source etc.
  • Update your bio to reflect your job hunting situation.
  • Take note of who you follow and who follows you.


  • Use Pinterest as the visual form of “interest” upon starting again.
  • Share photos related to your hobby and life goals.
  • Pin the items that make you a person who may be related to a recruitment manager.

Website / Blog

  • Install .me as your own website, blog or splash page.
  • Ensure that you are looking for employment.
  • Write or post about the information applied to your chosen industry.

On your FlexSpace profile, you can list one website per profile. Promote your site to help you make a positive first impression or list a splash page or your linkedin account.

  1. Be constant

Use the same profile photo and color schemes / background photos on all networks for easy identification. Ensure that your bioinformatics is the same on all sites. Follow your leads and conversations and track interactions.

With sites like Flexsbus, the search for that perfect job has been made very easy at your fingertips with so many tools and resources. Taking time to build your own personal brand and joining online will prove to be worth the effort, because your brand will be ready to be sophisticated, professional and ready for any recruitment.

Reader, how do you shine your personal brand?

Tell us in the comments below!

Harvilas Meena

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