5 Outdated and Advanced Pieces of Career Advice

There are times in life when people feel the need to give you all kinds of unwanted advices – dating and pregnancy are immediately noticed. And of course, during a job search. It seems that whatever you get is a career counselor with knowledge to share it suddenly. And when some unwanted advice we receive is really useful, then some of it can be useful, and even old.

See these five old pieces of career advice:

From an article about this subject, we invite you to “ignore old past fragments of career advice”.

“Your resume can only be a page.”

Resume-Career Advice
Resume-Career Advice
  • As long as you are not out of college or have very limited experience, two pages are resumed right nowadays.

“To present a complete description of your professional history, you have to start each job again.”

  • As long as your job search does not reject target recruiters and improves rejection opportunities, do not put any jobs at your resume any time. Divide it into relevant and extra work experience sections, and only use the most relevant experience you have.

“When your interviewer asks about your weaknesses, provide positive poses as weaknesses.”

  • It is senseless to use force in the form of weakness. Enrollers want you to be honest and tell them an area that you know you need to improve. The key is to choose a weakness that ends quite easily, and to stress that you have identified it as a weakness because you want to improve it.

“Your resume and cover letter should be written in formal language.”

  • Although we do not recommend writing your resume and cover letter, even if they have instant Facebook messages to close friends, it is okay to leave the Uber-formal language for some conversation. Let your personality shine and leave a template-style sheet for something from your heart. Tell them why you are passionate about the job and what you have done for the ability to rent.

Include a purpose at the top of your resume.”

  • It is also difficult for me to go, just because many moments in my days as a career advisor to college, I often recommend the intentions to start again for our students. But time changes and job search criteria also, and a more effective section on your resume is a summary of qualifications, which should be prepared for each job you apply.
Harvilas Meena

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