3 Tips for Finding an Recruiter’s Contact Information

If you have applied for a job before, you have undoubtedly experienced it. After you look like an eternity after a job, you know it – the right thing to do. Or even just a pretty good job. As soon as you are writing your cover letter, you come back to job posting to find the person you should address, and you come out empty. Perhaps this is a general human resource, or a marketing department, or just a link to the company recruitment website. How can a diligent job seeker find the contact information of an insurer?

Recruiter’s Contact Information
Recruiter’s Contact Information

3 Tips for Finding an Recruiter’s Contact Information

It does not matter to the information barrier you are facing, in the U.S. The Recent Advice Column of News and World Report is called “How to get contact information of a recruiting manager”, we get some excellent discussion ideas. With our additional tips, here are three excellent tips to overcome this normal job seeker obstacle.

“Call the receptionist, even if the job advertisement says, ‘no call’, you can also call the front desk in the hope of getting the name of the right person, depending on the company’s policies. The person may or may not give you contact information of the person, but being courteous and friendly towards the secretary can be a long way ahead. “

  • Flexzbes are called When you call, you can ask the name of the head of X department, or the person for which you should address a letter to the Y Department. You do not have to mention that you are applying for any special job, and in some cases, the company may not violate “any phone call” policy if doing so.

“Use online tools and search engines. Websites like Aura are a good place to start when looking for the recruitment manager’s contact information. If you are not getting your email address through online directories, then the correct address To try to highlight, type key words and phrases in Google (or other search engines). For example, if you know that the name of the recruiting manager is Jane Doe, So type ‘jane do’ @ xyzcompany.com. ‘If you do not know his name, then type’ recruitment manager ‘or’ department ‘and’ xyz company ‘. “

  • Flexzbes are called … When you get the information, check to see if you can find another source or helpful information or verify its validity. Before contacting, you want to make sure that you have found the right person. As they say, you have a chance to make the first impression!

Call after hours. After leaving home for the day of employees, the automated responsive service company raises the line and often provides a directory for those wishing to reach their employees. To determine who you are looking at Listen through the departments for once. Once you are redirected to the voicemail box, pay attention to the name of the person whom you can call online. Can donate. “

  • Flexsbus says … Keep in mind that most companies have caller ID systems that will show how many missed calls they have received and from whom So you do not need to call again and again, be prepared to write the name and number of the person immediately.

Be sure to read the rest of the article for three more excellent tips on how to get a recruiting manager’s contact information. And while you are searching for companies, you can always use Free Guide for Flex Jobs’s Best Companies for Flexible Jobs!

How have you been able to obtain the contact information of the recruiter when readers are looking for a job? Share your tips!

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