Are You Going to Find a Fearless Job?

People are looking for a new job, whether their present situation is always kept back from the same thing: fear. Fear of leaving a comfortable job for something new. Fear of being dismissed for a great job. Fear of starting or changing careers fear of the unknown.

Job-Fearless Job
Job-Fearless Job

But what the job seeker should know, the opposite is actually the opposite of what the employee sees for the employer in potential employees. According to Big Think, on the other hand, much more demands are made after the wishes of employees for fearlessness. His article, The Fairless Factor, notes that CEO often has the highest respect and respect for those employees who display the character of fearlessness.

A job seeker should look, or be fearless:

How can we live with fearlessness, and apply the same concept for job search? One CEO advocates “fearlessness as a virtue that will help people make decisions both small and small, which will affect both their career and daily life.” [He says,] ‘Every day I try I am doing something that is out of my comfort zone and I think it’s just a good rule to stay. “

Here are some ideas for stepping out of our professional comfort zone and becoming more fearless in our jobs or job search:

  • Say Yes. Offer a new responsibility on the job, take it. It’s a chance to learn something new and demonstrate your fearlessness.
  • strike up a conversation. If you find yourself in a lift, or walk in a hallway, or even on an aircraft, chat with someone around you. You never know what route they can lead you.
  • take a class. Community education groups are present to teach new things to the people, why not take advantage of their relative disqualification and go for it? The purpose of many classes is for professionals wishing to learn new skills.
  • Send an application even if there is no open job. If there is a company that gives you a plot, why not send an introduction letter to them? Find the name of the people who work in your professional area and send them a letter presenting themselves. Tell them who you are, what do you do, and what you appreciate about their company. Ask if they can sometimes be available for coffee. What could be the worst thing to do?
  • Tell your boss about the improvement that you want to work on. This can be for a process, a product or anything, as long as your suggestions improve.
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