Ask Your Employer If You Can Do Telecommunications

This week, Dilbert (in the comic strip by Scott Adams) asked his master if he could work from home. If you can do telecommunications then it may be difficult to ask your employer.

We can estimate how it comes out to Dilbert, but if you ask how you ask, you are strategic – you can negotiate a more flexible schedule or alternatives of telecommunications. You should be prepared to address common objections and offer you and your employer to explain the value and telecommunications value.

Ask Your Employer
Ask Your Employer

If you can do telecommunications then continue reading for some excellent resources to help your employer ask:

The following are great resources that give advice to your employer about telecommunications or working from home.

  • Asking Telecommunication in Bad Economy
  • How to ask your boss if you can do telecommunications
  • getting permission to work from home
  • How to understand your boss here
  • How I convinced my owner to telecommunications me

Since telecommunication is becoming more popular today, and benefits for both employee and employer are becoming more popular, many companies are keen to try it. Another real benefit for telecommunications is the protection of the environment.

An excellent article on the environmental benefits of telecommunications is given here. Being knowledgeable about how telecommunications organizations, employees and the environment are beneficial to the environment, is an excellent start to give confidence to its owner to try to work at home.

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