5 Tips for Working with Difficult People

During the job search process and especially once you get a job, it is possible to escape in the hard people. For aggressive recruits and interviewers, weird colleagues and unusual owners, all of us have dealt with the person who runs the bonkers. But have we dealt them productively? Maybe not Never Fear, Flexjobs co-authored “Working With You Are Killing Me” co-authors, “Working for you is not working for me” to get their tips on dealing with friendly people at least -The author spoke with Cathy Elster.

Tips for Working with Difficult People
Tips for Working with Difficult People

Kathi’s tips for dealing with tough people:

1- Do not respond to this summer’s heat

It is very enticing to deal with the difficult person, but it never works. You know what happens, you get in trouble because you were fighting with a coworker. So, take a few minutes or even a day to cool down, exercise, take some deep breaths, before you say anything, keep this issue in perspective.

2- Talking to a difficult person while addressing the facts, not his personality

Once you become personal with a tough person, then you are for the war. For example, if a tough coworker does not give you your report when the payment is due. Never say, “You always delay your work, you have such problems.” Instead, “I have misunderstood something, but I hope tomorrow’s report, when can I expect it?”

3 – Set clear boundaries with this person and then strengthen those limits as needed.

There is no tendency to respect the limits of a difficult person, even if it is your personal place, it is late, or is not just courtesy. Whatever you are, if you do not set the limit then they will not set them for themselves. For example, if a person who comes with you 15 minutes late in every meeting, instead of being mad, you can say, “I have limited time to meet with you and it is important that our meetings start at the time The next time you want to start again from 10 minutes late. “If I do this work for a while then you may have to say it again.

4 – Do not take your behavior personally

I know that it is easy said so done. But, you have no reason to take this person’s behavior individually, because they treat everyone like this. Before you reached this way, he treated people and you will deal with people after running this way for a long time, this is not about you.

5 – Learn to separate

Detection occurs when you think you can not change difficult people. Understanding this can give you a lot of relief. They do not care how they behave.

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