7 Technology Tips for Older Workers

Welcome to the third place in the four-part series of career advice and the tips of experts who help older professionals with their job search. Our first section was handled with six resume and cover letter tips for older employees and in our second part five specialist job search tips were given. Today we are discussing technical tips and techniques for older workers – the way you can brash your technical skills and incorporate them into the search of your jobs.

Technology Tips for Older Workers
Technology Tips for Older Workers

We have already established that the perceptions of employers of older workers can be reduced, and eliminating Ayodhya found in most industries is a challenge. The good news is that if you adhere to some specially developed guidelines for old job seekers, then increase your job search and get success in employment.

So let’s go down to business.

1) At least, create a profile on LinkedIn. “At least, I advise the job hunter to establish a LinkedIn profile and use the URL on my resume, business cards and email signature. Since a LinkedIn profile is similar to resuming, reaching LinkedIn It is relatively easy for a person who does not have other social media accounts or experience. Campbell Duke is the principal of the Duke Personal Brand Camp Bell Duke suggests, it is also easier to expand his involvement on LinkedIn in “Groups” and “Answer” section.

2) Choose your profile photo carefully. When creating your LinkedIn profile (and Facebook, for that matter!), Choose a clear, professional looking picture that shows who you are today. Works and CEO Nicole Williams of Works by Nicole Williams and LinkedIn, says Works of CEO and founder Nicole Williams says.”

3) Use a picture that shows energy, youth and modernity, but the photo should be turned on. Smiling and sitting directly with your shoulders, but do not use a picture of ten years. If you get an interview with this picture Land, then the employer may hurt it your prospects might feel misled by you personally “

4) Use more advanced features on LinkedIn to tap into your full potential for your networking efforts. “Advanced People Search will help you discover who is not only in the company [you want to work for], but if you know someone who knows someone in the company, doubts of the 53-year-old social media “Do you have a first level connection that works in the HR department in your target company, it would not be good,” says Wen Brettberth, author of the expert and power author of “LinkedIn” Formula for: your business, launching and job search.

5) Update your composite computer skills. If you have not used the latest versions of popular software such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat, then it’s time for the refresher. AIRP Foundation, along with a project director Lisa Qibi, who runs a senior community service employment program in Lancaster and Burke County, helps people who are 55 years old and older find jobs, advises you to ” Visit your local career links, or go to the library, or search for a category to participate. Employer requires more computer skills and The ray app is often becoming the only way to complete the app. “

6) To assess your computer skills, test yourself. Whether you are returning to the workforce, just start, or anywhere in the middle of your career, it can never hurt to learn new skills and brush the old ones. When you add new skills to your resume, make sure to erase old people. Some outdated skills can motivate the employer to find other candidates with more current skills.

7) In your daily life, embrace the new technology. If you are worried that your technical skills are not on snuff, then there is no better place to practice in your home. “If you are an old dog, you should be open to learn all new moves, get a smart phone, and develop passion for the app,” says Leslie Ayers, 55+ professional and founder of TheJobSearchGuru.com. Or learn new software for the area. Get a little geeky and you will become more confident in our technology driven world. “

We hope these tips will help you to get more success in creating your job search strategy!

Harvilas Meena

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