Good Job Opportunities for Adult Students

Last week, I had the opportunity to give a 30-minute presentation to a group of adult learners at the Expert Technician Academy in Parker, CO.

These people are taking classes on Saturday and weekend evening so that knowledge and capabilities can be developed for hard and hard work.

To fill the skilled employment needs in the aerospace, energy, IT and bioscience industries. I shared some ideas with them for job opportunities for adult students, including flexible jobs!

Like many students, these people are looking for flexible jobs that can bring in some income so that they can pass through their last few classes or semesters.

And since many telecommunications and work in home jobs are part-time in freedom, contract and nature, this is the perfect fit.

Some questions raised by the group were centered around the type of companies hiring home-based, flexible workers.

We talked about some industries such as computer / IT, job writing and sales status – which are motivated to embrace this work model and many more.

Thanks again for the specialist technical academy to invite me to your great school!

Harvilas Meena

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