4 Tips for Online Job Search in a Digital World

If you are looking for a job, then be prepared: Today’s online job search is very different from the job search done just five or 10 years ago.

While common foundations are the same (resume, cover letter, networking, interview), tools and methods have evolved. There are some steps to rent in today’s digital world to help job seekers and help resume their job search strategy to be friendly to our wired and wireless world .

Here are our four favorite tips for digital job search and some additional ideas.

Continue reading for some great online job search tips:

“Analyze your online presence.

Search for yourself in Google What do you get? Is not anything commercial? Are there any search results for other people who share your name that potentially harm your job search? ”

  • Is it as bad as the search results that badly portrays you?

There is no search result. You search for an online employer to learn more about them, and employers are researching you online.

Due to not being able to find you on the internet, almost as big as the red flag as finding negative information.

At least, create a LinkedIn profile for yourself – it’s free and easy.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that employers will be one of the first search results when searching for your name.

Get your marketing documentation in size.

Think of your cover letter, resume and other documents during your job search as marketing documents. What are they marketing? you.”

  • Personalizing each cover letter is very important and start sending at least a bit-

Employers can search a cookie-cutter, start generic once a mile away.

Read our tips here: Customized jobs and cover letters are better for your job search.

“Create an online portfolio.

In today’s online world of personalized brands, you need to stand out from keeping your website to showcase your work.

It does not matter what your area is, the portfolio can help you get a job while working properly.

Find out if your private domain name is for sale or not. ”

  • Most of these can be done for free or almost free –

To make your portfolio, try using a free blogging tool like WordPress. You can add your purchased personalized domain name to these free blogs, and then you will not have to worry about creating your website.

“Start a blog.

Blogging is a great activity for promoting your job search, enhancing your visibility and improving online job search.

When you have a blog, not only do most employers suffer, but you find it easy to find online and build your professional network in the process. ”

  • You should blogging about relevant topics for your profession and your job goals –

Use your blog as a way to demonstrate your industry’s expertise, analytical abilities and communication skills.

Harvilas Meena

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