An Open Letter from Your Keyboard

Dear employee.

You’re probably thinking how I’m typing it – but this is a silly question – I’m a keyboard, after all

I abuse you all day and ask a little bit in return. My beige keys are black because your filthy little fingers avoid carelesslyDrive your thumb on my SPACEBAR continuously and you abuse backspace as if it was your eighth grade girlfriend.

I am entitled to some respect, I am saying all this. Normal courtesy, like you increase your office counterparts when the mouse becomes slow, you clean the lint. Screen blur? You broke the windex but I sit here and work as a repository for my finger dirt, potato pieces and flaky Russian.

Do not believe me?

Take this letter briefly (cry for help) and shake me upwards.

I am not threatening to shut down during that important report, the keyboard does not roll in such a way but a small maintenance will be good. Anti-bacterial wipe canned air spray cat, another inverted shake (it kinda liked)!

My clever shortcuts help you hide your Web 2.0 from the bossman My keyplock light helps keep your password in check and the escape key is a god.

So stop calling me out loud, pushing me and treating the technology as a citizen of third class of the world.

You need me. I need you Let’s say good.

With devotion,

Your keyboard


Harvilas Meena

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