Office Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

I’ve gone five times and he may have a lot of information for you, if so, then stop reading now (but subscribe later) and this was five times in my career. Let’s just say that whenever possible I keep the number two away from the workplace.

However, my lack of use has not kept me thinking of ways to improve the office toilet. Some simple enhancements will be a great place to make the bathroom. Keep in mind that it is from a man’s perspective feel free to share what you want to see below.

– No cracks. Doors should stop the flush, I will not have to worry about opening the door, opening a central business or locking.

– Why Do High Doors Can not Be Made For The Floor? Shoes are dead cheaper – and we all see under the stall.

– Music Muzac Anything but silence it is already weird, how difficult would it be to play some music?

– The dividers of the urine should be wide and long – I do not need to see anyone else’s business. sometimes.

– Air freshener. Whether it is a bottle of lasol or a glade plug-in, how much will it cost to keep some papy scent in hand?

– Hand towels. Save the trees to all of you, but my office provides hand blower services only. She is worthless; Actually, it’s wise.

– two ply. I am asking all this.

No toilet attendant, comb and colon or comfortable toilet seats are not demanding – some improvements to make the process more human … because we all have to go, some time later.

Now, your thoughts …


Harvilas Meena

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