Get Drunk At Work: Easy Way

If you do not operate machinery, drive or give flying f-about your job – you may want to consider drinking alcohol at work. You are likely to be a lot more honest with your boss.

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, annual excuse to receive all the slommy (as you need others), we have asked our resident psychiatrist Todd the Bartender to talk about drinking alcohol at work.

Job: What is the fastest way to get drunk at work?

Todd: Let me start by saying that if you listen to any of my advice then you are stupid, is it enough for a disclaimer? Okay, anyway, I choose to eat anything and drink vodka with a straw all day. Other good options are clear cereal Everclear and even regular drinks. Since it means to be weekly, in fact, if you want to suck as soon as possible then some drinks with high proofs.

Question: What about the odor factor? Is there something odorless?

A: Well vodka is close to odor, as you are doing – but almost all drinks processing gives an odor, but once a single wine gets in your blood, sending it to your lungs right back through your mouth. I will stay away from some fruits.

Question: What about the famous Altoide cover-up?

A: Mint The way of a cover-up is very clear Go with deep fruit gum like chocolate, coffee or orbitz, better yet, garlic and onion will do the trick I think you have a choice, for alcohol or bad breath to be removed.

Question: How about hiding it on your desk?

A: I’ll always be partial for the monogrammed flask, but at work I had to go with a small hand cream bottle (clearly washed well) Lazier people could go with a regular plastic bottle of thermos or water Are there.

Question: How many people think of you to drink at work?

A: This research has revealed that 7% of Americans are getting “their drinks” at work. Career Builder has set it as high as 1 in every 10. So play obstacles and join up to ten percent!

Question: Before we let you go, you care about sharing any beverage recipes with our hard-working readers.

A: This is one for those who are really ambitious types who hope to climb the corporate ladder. It’s ambitious – but great taste Oh, and this victim is called Bastard!


Harvilas Meena

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