11 Items From the Office Rant Box

Since we re-launched the web site, people were e-mailing your workplace grip since then. I think I want to take (and some real work) from the morning and you release some of your work station!

“I wear a suit every day and wear my sweaty clothes for my female colleagues. If I was watching that I was going to the gym, my boss would send me home forever.” -Anthony (Pauquetcat, RI)

“My 401 plan sends me a piece of mail every single day, and I can not understand it ever since. I will not leave any tree since I retire.” – Rosemary (long beach, ca)

“Why are so many of us still tied to the table, with all the available technology?” -B (NYC)

“People need to understand that the motorized windows are not motorized, you have to push a lot and others should not rely on what they should do for you!” -Josh (Boston, MA)

“Should sit in one room for eight hours, five days a week, one million dollars in one minute. The original creators of corporate life should play with a dirty needle.” -Michelle (NYC)

“Careful corporate America: Will you hit some music in your bathroom in the pipes? Do you think I would like to hear Pete for the third time in the stalls by selling in the stalls and doing all kinds of grunts and splats? Cheap bastards . ” -brian

“I hate when my boss says, ‘Now I just want to know you, this is not something on you …’ Just say, this is a direct reflection on me! Just say, I do not think I’m fit I’m a manager! “-Traci (Oceanside, CA)

“Someone needs to present my boss with a mint.” – Mark (Orlando, FL)

“My favorite is when we do a meeting about setting up a meeting, just say what you have to say and go with it.” Teddy (Reno, NV)

“There is a person in my office who remains anonymous anonymously everywhere!” If you jump on the printer, fix it “or” do not stop the toilets. “In the middle, everyone knows who is writing them!” -Tom (Greenville, SC)

“I am having lunch at my desk, and every day without fail, my boss has to cut me a pointless question!” -Jeremy’s. (Mystic, whistle)

Harvilas Meena

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