Fainting at Work – Should You Know!

For the second time in my career (lucky!) Within one of my 10 feet, a co-worker was unconscious. I’ll be honest. I heard a tilt, looked up, saw nothing – and everything was fine. Two minutes later a secretary said, “O my God, _______ are down.”

Fainting at Work
Fainting at Work

Everything is fun, I feel like the crap for ignoring the mouth. So, if you hear a wont sound – then check.

In addition to ignoring the poor person, as if he remains stable (it is our understanding that this is a matter of greater exhaustion of work), I know that I had no clue what to do. I left it to someone else. Then, I was ready for the Bee Human Resources office and they came to know, to find someone to be equipped for this type of situation. Beyond that, I was very helpless. Last time, I do not remember a single employer who is telling me what to do with a coworker’s need for a co-worker. There is only one disease that has ever taught me sexual harassment.

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So, let’s do some quick dos and don’ts.

– If possible, hold them before the mouth. Symptoms to look like sweat, explosion, or ghosts,

– Remember the “7-up” game from elementary school? “Head down, thumb up.” In this case you want the head of unconsciousness – and feet raised about the foot compared to the heart.

– To be Jean Simmons, do not lie on your tongue! Turn towards the person’s head so that the tongue can not return to the neck.

– Tail any tight clothes. Today, their alliance was in the neck of the poor – and we all left it like this.

– Apply salt towels to the person’s face and neck (room temperature)

– Cover the person in a moderate weight blanket or jacket – especially if they are shoulder or lower.

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Do not do now:

– No slap or shaking! Save them when they get a clean bill of health.

– As long as you are not 100%, no one is completely conscious until eating or drinking. Even if dehydration / low Chinese can be criminal – you are likely to leave this step best for professionals.

There is too much of it here to get your first aid for unconsciousness.

I’m not recommending you to be a doctor – but you definitely do not want anyone to travel on your watch. The information above is for informational purposes only if you want a real hardcore scoop – consult your doctor.

The good news is that in the next phase, I get a chance to fight faint on my feet! But please meet with peer – if you are unconscious – save it for the weekend!

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Harvilas Meena

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