How did I go from working in the lab to land startup engineering job?

Matt Novnestern, a new member of the engineering team of The Mews, has spent most of his professional years working in laboratories till now – so far. She compares to working in startup in a laboratory, given that both often have differently defined weaknesses of responsibilities.

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Engineering Job Placement Agency
Engineering Job Placement Agency

In every environment, things are constantly evolving, obviously, Anewenstern fits precisely on the workplace at this speed. I recently sat down to get more Intel on my newly woven engineering career (a degree in physics) and to find out how far you would get the speaking points.

tell me about yourself! Give us your elevator speech!

I am doing a lot: page in a library, postman in college, admission in a concert hall at NEC, physicist at some places, engineer now.

What is your job title? What do you really mean in terms of what you do each day?

Full Stack Engineer This basically means that it is desirable for me to do anything for the website: change broken servers, colors and fonts or add new pages to the site.

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What were you doing before you reached this job?

Free! Private projects! Practice is getting very lazy!

Engineering Job For Lazy People
Engineering Job For Lazy People

What is the best project you’ve worked on so far or is you really excited?

Perhaps producing a complicated photon Actually, this project worked to see things with laser light only for working in the Pitch-Black Basement Lab. I like to work on the experimental equipment required for research, and for me, for long and crazy attention to detail, I was brought to a Zen state.

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What is the worst job you have ever done?

What is a graduate student count? As a postgraduate student in experimental physics, you are expecting to be in your laboratory. There is no concept of work-life balance, and it makes me unhappy to leave half way through the program and to get a job outside education, where I could transfer my skills and knowledge was the best decision for me.

Engineering Job-Worst Job of Reading Book
Engineering Job-Worst Job of Reading Book

If money was not a factor, what would you be doing career-wise?

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Building my own web application and if I can do something useful.

The best piece of advice for someone who wants a job like yours or who is stuck in a hard job hunt right now?

If you are consistent then you can say anything about yourself.

Before my visit to graduate school, I assured a lab professor in Colombia to go to his research group, even if I had only BA. Was there. It is super rare for physics, and to allow non-undergraduate students in that board. But, since I can explain the research on which I used to work and how I could have an asset, I was really able to sell myself and more than one lab was able to talk in my own way in the job.

And I think it’s also how I made it here. I’m a self-taught engineer with a physics degree; You better believe that I know how I can market myself and prove that I have got the necessary qualifications to do the job and do it well.

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